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Boys Junior Varsity Tennis, Boys Varsity Tennis · Tennis ties Kalamazoo Christian 4-4

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

4:30 PM

Kalamazoo Christian High School
South Christian High School

Meet Recap

Kalamazoo Christian headed north to face the Sailors this afternoon in a non-conference match. However, the results are perhaps even more important since both schools are in the same regional.

In what has to be a first, SC was able to sweep Kalamazoo Christian in singles while Kalamazoo Christian was able to sweep the doubles. Coach Pothoven expressed his surprise, saying, “Every time we have ever played Kalamazoo Christian, they have always had one or more elite singles players. Several years ago, I believe three of their singles players reached the state finals. So this is what we’ve been accostomed to. Regardless of how weak or strong our line up has been, they’ve won far more singles matches against us than they’ve lost.”

“Today, we were able to turn the tables on them,” he continued. “And it felt great. Each of our guys – Devin, Josh, Avery and Ryan – played extremely well!”

Unfortuanately, the KC doubles lineup proved just as formidable, as they were able to win those four matches. For a while, the 2 Doubles team of Jake Springvloed and Jerad Bos made things interesting, as they flirted with bringing their match to a 3rd set. Eventually, KC was able to hold them off, winning that match 64, 76.

Coach P concluded, “Overall, I was very pleased with our play today. Every one played hard, like they always do, but I feel like our doubles teams are playing smarter, taking advantage of opportunities better than they did a couple weeks ago.”

1S: Devin Veldhouse (SC) def. Ethan Plemmons – 61, 64
2S: Josh DeHaan (SC) def. Tanner Rynd – 64, 10, default/illness
3S: Avery Brinkert (SC) def. Michael Moralez – 62, 63
4S: Ryan Dykstra (SC) def. Jackson Schut – 63, 60

1D: Scheffers/Dirksen (KC) def. Meengs/Northouse – 62, 63
2D: Pease/Ritsema (KC) def. Springvloed/Bos – 64, 76
3D: Gasaway/Scheffers (KC) def. Elzinga/Bergsma – 60, 60
4D: Ruh/Roberts (KC) def. Rauner/Silvernail – 61, 60