Sailors News · Student Led Fundraiser – SCHS Block Party!



How it works:
 Students who raise $100.00 will get their first raffle ticket and entrance into the Block Party.
 Each additional $25.00 they raise will get students additional raffle tickets.
 If a student gets a company to donate, they get 20 bonus raffle tickets for each company.
 Raffle tickets = a chance to win amazing prizes (minibike, Air pods, PS4, Xbox, Tanger gift cards, Vera Bradley, etc.)
 The event will be held in the gym, from 1:30 – 3:00 p.m., on Thursday, November 7.
 Pizza, candy bar, and entertainment provided.

What we want the coaches to do:
 Talk about the event and encourage participation.
 Make it fun. Create competition.
 Come to the event. If you’re there your team members will be.
 Encourage your teams to attend the event.
 If your sport is not currently in season, please send out emails to encourage participation. I have attached the Block Party flyer so that you can send it with your email.

What we want students to do:
 Every student should raise a minimum of $100.00
 Our hope is that many will raise much more.
 Come to the event and celebrate!
If you have any questions please contact the main office!