Sailors News · Sports Physicals 2020-21

Dear SCHS Parents,
We wanted to get in touch with you in regards to sports physicals for the upcoming academic year and make sure you are staying informed on what SC is expecting. We are going to follow the MHSAA guidelines and not require a new physical for this upcoming school year if you are a returning athlete and have a physical on file from last year. In this case you will still have to fill out the MHSAA Health Questionnaire (link below). All incoming Freshman will still need to get a physical to be eligible to play. That being said, we still highly recommend that your son or daughter gets a physical. Not only are physicals vital to show your son or daughter that they are physically ready to compete but even more importantly, it shows that they are mentally ready to compete. One of the major things that a student athlete receives from a physical is a screening which helps detect any signs of mental health concerns that may be present. We realize we are living in a time of change through this pandemic so we are following the MHSAA guidelines but also giving you as a parent or guardian the choice to get a physical as normal through your family doctor. Just to be clear, we are not having the annual physical night at SC on August 3 as previously scheduled. As always, please contact the athletic office with any questions or concerns.
David Kool – Athletic Director