Mission, Purpose and Focus

Mission of South Christian High School

“To equip students to live Christ-centered lives and to serve God to their greatest potential.”


Athletics with a Christ-centered focus can provide excellent educational experiences to help achieve the mission of South Christian. As a gift from our Heavenly Father, athletics are a form of play meant to be enjoyed and valued by His children. In this proper context, athletics can help our student athletes develop Christ-like character, such as teamwork, discipline, self-control, the pursuit of excellence, and the ability to deal with success and failure. The challenge is to realize the benefits of athletics in this sinful world. We realize how quickly sports can go wrong—cheating, arrogant winning, sore losing, disrespecting opponents and officials, overemphasizing athletics in our lives, and much more. As Christians, we must intentionally strive to share God’s grace to renew this world, including the arena of competitive athletics. Coaches and parents, as well as teammates, play crucial roles in helping young people develop a healthy, balanced perspective of the role of athletics in their lives.



  • To learn how to compete faithfully in workouts, practices and contests.
  • To respect all teammates, coaches, officials, parents and opponents.
  • To maximize our effort in all activities to the best of our abilities.
  • To learn to engage in competitive situations while having fun.


  • To protect all student athletes by providing a safe and fun environment 
  • To lead and support all aspects of each program.
  • To help understand each individual’s needs and inspire them to overcome difficulties.
  • To create a fun atmosphere that celebrates their freedom in Christ.


  • To release your children in a safe environment where failure is not fatal, and success is not final.
  • To reinforce the lessons and education that are being implemented by coaches and teachers.
  • To accept decisions made and to faithfully pray for the teams, programs, and community.