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To register for the Summer Strength and Conditioning sessions, please click the appropriate age below:


Click HERE to register for Grades 9-12


Click HERE to register for Grades 7 & 8

Summer Strength and Conditioning Sign Up Information:

1) If you have trained at Coachman before or already have a profile through Coachman, you already have a profile through us. Make sure you utilize that profile when signing up below.


2) If you are a parent that trains at coachman, please make sure you use your kids email to sign up. Do not use your email, as that will mess up the ability of your child to rsvp.


3) You are allowed to book a month out for your classes.


4) Your kids will only attend one workout, per day. They are only allowed to attend the workouts they are signed up for and nothing more. If they miss a workout (oversleep, emergency, etc), they will lose that session.


5) You have up to an hour before class starts to remove your name on a class. If it is inside an hour before, you will be automatically checked in by our staff.


6) You must book your class at least an hour prior to class, as our coaches need to be able to plan ahead. If you are planning on attending a 8am class, you need to rsvp by 7am. We highly recommend booking your month out ahead of time and adjusting as needed.


7) Your kids will need their phones to record their weights and other items, so we highly recommend they have the Triib app on their phone. If they do not have a phone, they can give you the information as a parent to enter for them.


8) High School students (incoming 9-12th graders) will have the ability to attend 4 sessions per week. Middle School students (incoming 7th and 8th graders) will be able to attend 3 sessions per week.


9) If you have a child that is an incoming middle schooler and you also have a high schooler, they are required to attend the assigned time slots. We want to make sure all middle schoolers and high schoolers are trained properly and progression is made within their corresponding ages.


Signing up for the TRIIB App: (This is how you will register for your classes once signed up via South Christian’s Summer Camps Website) 


Incoming High School Students will select the South Christian S&C Membership at the bottom of this link:

Incoming 7th/8th graders will use the same link, but they have a different plan. Please select the South Christian S&C – 7/8th Grade ONLY plan. 


Once sign up is completed, you will receive a welcome email with your login information for the Triib app.


If anyone needs a password reset, please get with to reset the password.