Individual Daily Workouts

South Christian’s remote learning due to COVID-19 includes training sessions in addition to classroom activities at home!  Mr. Hiskes, Mrs. Vermaas and Mr. Copeland are creating strength & conditioning sessions for our high school students (not just athletes) to do individually from home during their time off.

Our sessions will be updated daily on this blog and organized with the following on each day.  We encourage students to do their workout at the same time every day for consistency.  There will be a motivational message before every workout!



Day 13 – Thursday, April 2 (ABC Workout)  ***Last workout before “Spring Break”




ABC Workout


50 seconds on 15 seconds rest*


A: Diver abs (one leg bent, one leg straight, hands on leg that’s straight, wrist past knee)

B: Fast/ Slow Crunches

C: Fast / Slow Leg Lowers


A: Low 5-foot shuffles 

B: 5- Pop-squats into 5/leg mt climbers

C: Standing, to crawl out, to plank, to push up, to crawl, to stand